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Most commonly, household drains get blocked up due to a combination of a build up of oils and fats and lack of action taken against that build up. Once the build up is big enough it will completely block the flow of water through the drain. This can cause more serious problems so we’d advise dealing with it as soon as it becomes apparent.

This can be achieved yourself by using chemicals and household products, but often these jobs are time consuming and leave a pungent odour, not to mention that the chemicals used in these products are highly corrosive and aren’t at all good for the environment. The second way to defeat a blockage is through physical force, this method however is less accessible to the public as blockages can often be in awkward places meaning you’d have to rip out the existing pipes to get to a blockage unless you have the right equipment.

WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! Our team will attend All Cambridge locations quickly and deal with the blockage in the same manner. We love sorting blockages, all of our vans are equipped with the latest CCTV and high pressure water jetting technology which means we can tackle any blockage no matter of size or location in your pipe without having to dig up any existing pipes.

We work 24/7 365 days a year so there’s never been a better time to get a blockage. Call us for an emergency or book in at a later date with our friendly office staff who also work 24/7 to ensure any queries are answered because we’re dedicated to delivering the same dedication to our customer service as we do to unblocking your drains! Call today one of our advisers are waiting to help you.